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Celebrities pull it off, and so can you. Show off your collarbone with simple halter-tops. The bohemian queen, Vanessa Hudgens, pulls off a simple denim halter-top while the model Kendall Jenner poses in a simple, yet sexy white one. However, unlike many celebrity styles, this one is really easy for just about anyone to wear. The halter-top really gives you a chance to show your collarbone and adds a little extra to a regular tank top. When worn, the neckpiece that ties around your neck makes a statement on its own. With the fall season slowly making its way, these pieces are quite easy to transition with. Although they are a little revealing, a thick cardigan can do wonders, and still keep the tank top looking great.

If you live in a slightly warmer climate, a thick cardigan may not be ideal. Instead of a cardigan, a light and airy kimono may be your best choice. The kimono will allow air to flow through without trapping in the heat.