After our fair share of tummy exposure and mid driffs, the time has come to accept the ultimate comfort of leggings. An oversized shirt, leggings, and maybe a pair of fuzzy socks are the ultimate trio to utter bliss. This outfit may not be the most flattering but we all admit that it is the most forgiving. Unlike crop tops, with an oversized shirt, a little belly never hurt anybody.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.53.10 PM

The fact that leggings can be worn with virtually any top is well known. However, a large population of people is under the influence that leggings are pants and that leggings can be worn with literally any top. This truth has been brought to awareness within the fashion community and to our rescue, come the leggings friendly tops. Leggings friendly tops would be the ones that conveniently cover our tush. Although some may have the flaunt-worthy bottoms, not all are wearing the legging friendly under garments. Many times ladies go unaware of the fact that their undergarments are playing peekaboo with the general public when they wear non leggings friendly t-shirts. Nice bums are great, but sometimes they belong behind curtains to preserve the true greatness of the show.

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Another misconception is that leggings either come in crazy prints and patterns, or in black. Very explicitly shown up above, that is not the case. Leggings have been approached in several manners. The first picture is clearly giving off a sporty vibe featuring the stripes that run along the side of the leg. A legging like this can be paired with a varsity top, and if the sporty vibe is a little overwhelming, then with a plain top. Both approaches are cute and flattering when put together well. The middle picture is your classic legging, however, this particular one has a fleece lining. Shout out to those of you with chilly springs, this one will be perfect this season. Last but not least, a cable knit, striped leggings. It’s a sweater for your legs. This may sound completely bizarre but it’s adorable. These three legging approaches are not crazy and can easily be worn with a “legging friendly” t-shirt. Not all branches from your comfort zone need to be outrageous, baby steps are all you really need to start off with.