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Spring is fast approaching. Although the forecasts and the biting cold tells us otherwise, spring will inevitably make its way to us. Slowly our thick parkas will be replaced by our cardigans, thermal tees by tank tops, and pants by shorts and skirts. When these layers are peeled away, what will they reveal? Although many of us hope and dream for the perfect body, the haunting evidence of Thanksgivng and Christmas past may remain. Not to worry, that perfect body may not be too far away. Easy adjustments of diet and a sprinkle of moderate activity a day can make those body goals come true.

Often times, it is neither the activity nor diet that is difficult. It is the motivation that hinders many people from achieving their ideal body image. Here, are a few things to get you “in the mood” for exercise and a healthier lifestyle. One thing for sure is new active wear. New clothes need to be worn. You can’t wear work out clothes without working out. Therefore, there is motivation number one to get up and running. Second, make mini goals. Mini goals would include things like “take the stairs instead today”, “park a little further than usual”, “how about fruits instead.” Making small accomplishments as you go are easy ways to reach satisfaction in your performance. Large goals are definitely healthy, but they take longer to work towards, and not everyone is gifted with such perseverance. Lastly, believe in yourself.

Sure a nice, toned body is nice to have, but let’s always remember that everyone has their own beauty within.