Whether you know it or not, you have an individualistic style. This specialty of this is that it is entirely yours. If you’re about the basic tees and medium washed jeans this is your personal style. If you’re into the crazy prints, and bright colors this is yours. With that said, it’s time to put your thin, fluid tops to rest and turn to  the thick, snug ones. The weather’s inconsistency, affecting even LA, is leaving many baffled. However, whether you are a fur person, a leather person, or just a girly girl, now is the time to bust out your outerwear that will shield the wind and the biting sensation, that is the cold air, as it represents you.


Your style can be fancy with fur, chic and stylish, or just comfy and cute. These pieces from Wholesale Fashion Yetts definitely represent various styles. In my opinion, outerwear that identifies you perfectly is a chilly weather must have.