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Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner. What could these two girls possibly have in common? Taylor Swift for her classic red and Kylie Jenner for her chic nude, lips are crucial to them and their image. Although objectively these two lip styles are polar opposites, they do not deviate far from the fact that they draw attention. Quite obviously enough, Taylor Swift flaunts a bold type of lip that demands to be noticed. They are like the roar of a classic hot rod zooming past. Kylie Jenner’s lips, on the other hand, are subtle, like a calm ocean and its waves that routinely draw in and out without failing to be admired.

In case the excitement hasn’t been made clear, lips are a game changer in an outfit and obviously in a makeup look. The choice between nude and red lips is quite a leap yet possibly interchangeable depending on the outfit choice. Outfits such as a little black dress, a cute romper, and a simplistic dress all lead to a variety of options and a large arena to play around with your make up choices. At times like these, a choice between a nude lip and red lip is crucial.