Ever wonder who was behind those beautiful photographs in editorials and ad campaigns? Here we highlight three photographers that we believe are the greatest fashion photographers. A good photograph doesn’t just end with the subject and these photographers are able to capture something not only in the model but also the lighting and the atmosphere to pull out amazing images.


Mario Testino is a fashion photographer of Peruvian decent most famous for his editorials in Vanity Fair and Vogue. Though having worked with many celebrities, super models, and public figures his most notable muse is Kate Moss who he has worked with continually in the past and has recently released a book featuring photographs of the super model called simply “Kate Moss” by Mario Testino. His beautiful photographs have a timeless feel and his use of lights in portraits is unparalleled.



Juergen Teller is a German fine art and fashion photographer. None for his work in Marc Jacobs ads his photographs exude a bit of quirkiness and a lot of color. His subjects though very beautiful always seem to be a bit off beat as he seems to capture a mood within his photographs that can not be replicated.



Richard Avedon is regarded as one of the first great fashion photographers as well as a great portrait photographer. Avedon began his career shooting for Harper’s Bazaar magazine in 1945 eventually going on to work with Vogue, Life as well as other mainstream campaigns. Throughout his life he shot everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Brooke Shields, he was a master at shooting the female form and was able to capture amazing portraits that were less polished and really captured something in the subject.