You might be more familiar with her older sister and famous father but Sofia Richie is making a name for herself. In the world of fashion she has been featured in many prominent fashion magazines and even had her own spread in the ever influential Who What Wear. This 16 year old Cali native might be best friend with the Jenner sisters but she has a style all her own. Yes she is still a teen but her her closet shows that she is part teen part sophisticated socialite. Sofia is rarely seen without a pair of heeled booties, changing the tone her outfits. She is a huge fan of trousers but still loves to show midriff. Definitely the perfect juxtaposition of teenager and fashionista. It is rumored that she is following in the footsteps of her father and releasing some music in the future. I’m sure finishing high school is next on her list but whatever she does I’m sure she will remain cool and collected while doing so.