Gilmore Girls inspired collage                                                                      Gilmore Girls inspired collage by wholesalefashionyetts
With Gilmore Girls making it’s debut on Netflix tomorrow we thought it would be fun to delve into the world of Rory Gilmore. During the run of the show you could usually find Rory’s nose in a book or looking for a good cup of coffee, as she was half of the dynamic duo that was the Gilmore Girls.  She was not only smart and strong willed she also had a great fashion sense that was part prep academy part soft grunge. Alexis Bledel’s beautiful timeless face made it easy for her character to be believable in any situations, I mean we could all understand why she would choose Jess over Dean right? Her love of reading, determination to go to Harvard, and need for junk food made her that much more love-able. Here are a few of our Gilmore approved items.