Cat Eye
Cat Eye by wholesalefashionyetts
The Cat eye, though it looks cool is a make up move that sometimes makes us want to claw out our eyes. A way to cut down on the stress for perfection is by having the proper tools in your arsenal. Whether you prefer gel, felt tip, or just a plain ol’ pencil eyeliner one thing I think we all can agree with black is preferably the way to go to achieve a true cat eye.  This look can compliment many different styles, wear it with a printed dress for a MOD feel, or just use it to spice up a tee and jeans look.  We’ve picked a few of our favorite that will help you achieve this elusive makeup trick.

Benefit eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner

Stila liquid eyeliner

Stila eyeliner
If you need some help, here are a few tutorials that might do the trick: