MOD FLAIR :: Now, before we dive into our items, we’d like to first take a minute to talk about the woman who popularized the mod look: Twiggy! The British model-best remembered for her slender shape, pixie haircut, and voluminous lashes-was at the height of her career when the modernist movement originated in London during the early-to-mid sixties and epitomized the mod look with her androgynous features and affinity for short hemlines and straight-up-and-down silhouettes.

So we’re going mod. Not mad, mind you-quite the opposite, in fact-just wonderfully worshiping of the swinging sixties and that era’s iconic early looks. Stylists everywhere are bringing back the mod dress and giving the streamlined, minimal silhouette a fresh update. With a clean, chic, and fuss-free look, it should come as no surprise that mod dresses are also an appealing after-hours pick for a number of celebrities as well as an excellent subject for today’s Trend Report!