Fashion trend for Fall 2011  didn’t hop away from Spring/summer 2011. Just like 70’s fashion hit the last season, it continues to fall 2011 as well. But watch out for distinctive 70’s style for fall from the previous season. The hippie and disco 70’s trend will be long for the season.

1. Floral print mini skirt: Flare mini skirt is the one of  key items for 70’s. If it is the vintage floral print skirt, even more fashionable.
2. Jacquard sweater: Remember! Floral print is hot for 70’s. Luxurious and gorgeous jacquard sweater will up your style.
3. Tassel shoulder bag: No junks are need to be carried to disco. Only shoulder bag can be survived for 70’s.
4. Crochet stretch buckle belt: A belt is  the center of fashion. A fashionable belt periods the style.
5. Scarf: No extra hair day required. Cover your head with scarf and Tie it up. Have fun by Mix and Match with the outfit of the day.