Hot off the heels off her new single Taylor Swift is an adult now. An accomplished singer songwriter and actress this 24 year old is slowly taking over the world, or at least pop music. If you are not a fan of  T-Swift’s music no problem, but I think you will definitely be a fan of her current fashion choices. It seems that Taylor re-invents herself with every album, her last album Red had her sporting a red lip (which she has seem to maintained) and a retro look. She has ditched her long curly mop for a short bob and we are loving all the outfits she’s been sporting while walking around NY. Check out some of our “Taylor” pieces below the cut.

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Image Source: Nasty Gal, Free People


Nothing says cool as someone in a leather jacket, or at least that’s what The Fonz had us believing. Now through the years the leather jacket has been re-invented many times again to the point where now  leather jackets can contain no leather at all, be cropped, and have a cute side zip. These are great times to be a “cool” girl. The Zip Moto Jacket is one of our favorite incarnations of this classic look. It’s effortless and even though I’m going to sound redundant the “cool”  factor it brings your wardrobe is unparalleled to any other item of clothing.  Check out our Wholesale Fashion Yetts picks below.


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They call the eyes the window to the soul, and this fall  your windows are going to be frosted in beautiful creamy orchids. The color of the season as Sephora calls it, orchids, lavender and plum are go to colors this fall not just for our lips but also our eyes. We gathered up some of our new favorites and tried and true products to make sure your eyes will shine all through winter.

All About Eyes

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All About Eyes by wholesalefashionyetts featuring a matte eyeshadow

Untitled #62
Untitled #62 by wholesalefashionyetts 
If you are anything like me, you love cold weather and rainy days. The idea of warming up with a nice hot cup of  tea while watching the rain fall has always been super appealing to me. The reality is that for the most part if we stayed in every time it rained certain cities and countries would shut down for months on end. Luckily we could keep warm in style with ponchos!
I always refer to ponchos as the blankets you can wear! and when they come in such cute fabric choices in design who wouldn’t want to throw this over there every day attire. So ladies pull out  your rain boots and umbrella and check out our ponchos below!



Let your wild side out! We currently have some camp inspired items that will make you reminiscent of the summer that is almost gone. I love graphics as much as the next person and these new “Wild” inspired tops integrate typography with this beloved iconography.  Sleeveless hoodies are ideal for the transition between summer and fall. Throw them over a light long sleeved undershirt to keep the warmth. A boat neck long sleeve is also a great alternative for a bulky sweater.

Check out the tops below!





What we love about 17  year old Chloe Moretz’s style is that she can easily play both sides of the fashion coin. Off screen she has a relaxed somewhat tomboy take on fashion but at award shows she can usually be found on the best dressed list. She channels a sophistication beyond her years both in fashion and in her persona. When you are young fashion should be playful and that is something that is not lacking in Chloe’s fashion repertoire. She can be seen in very casual sweaters and graphic tees in her day to day life; on the red carpet she always stays youthful, having fun with colors and playing with patterns. If anything she inspires us to put some of that youthful enthusiasm back into our clothing. Check out under the cut for some fun Chloe inspired pieces.

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An elegant cocktail dress can transport you to Paris and make you feel like a million bucks, not that you don’t already. It’s just sometimes when the hair, make-up, and dress fit well together it’s like the stars align. These cocktail dresses are perfect for fall/winter weddings, company parties or just a date night with your significant other. Check out the dresses above on Wholesale Fashion Yetts and below take a look on how to style the Sexy Tube Dress .


My fair Lady


My fair Lady by wholesalefashionyetts featuring an opi nail polish






The greatest thing about leggings is the comfort factor, the second greatest thing about leggings is that they come in so many different prints! If you like animal print or chevron we have one to fit your personality.  They allow you to express yourself and how you are feeling that day. Wear a cheetah print for those days you are feeling sassy, a floral print for those girly days and just a solid one for those days you want to play up other aspects of your outfit. Whatever you choose we have a pair to fit your mood. Check out more leggings at Wholesale Fashion Yetts.



We’ve got a whole new crop of plus size tops this week for you to enjoy! Since we are transitioning into fall you will see not only basics but also some knits for your form flattering pleasure.  Here we have chosen some of our favorite “Day/Night” looks.



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Forget the “Rachael” or the pixie cut, this generations new “it” do is the long bob. Easy to manage, wear curly or straight and it’s still long enough to put into a messy bun. Definitely the best cut to transition from summer to fall it will allow you to showcase statement making earrings but also can frame your face nicely. Not to mention it draws attention to your collarbone so pull out your necklaces as well. Many celebrities and models are showcasing variations of this style. Look under the cut for tips on how to style and how to videos from our favorite Youtube-ers.

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