This year has been moving pretty fast, not yet Thanksgiving we are already gearing up for Christmas. With winter being right around the corner and snow storms already hitting many of the east coast states we need to be prepared to stay warm. It is no secret that most girls love their leggings, they allow us to add a bit of comfort in our every day ensembles the problem is that there is a serious lack of warmth that comes with leggings you wear all year round. No problem, winter leggings are the solution. Not only are they thicker they are also patterned with some really cute prints for the season. Instantly putting you in the Holiday spirit. We just received a new batch of winter leggings, check them out below.


Item Source: One/Two/Three/Four


Item Source: One/Two/Three/Four


Image Source: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7



When we think about Fall we mostly concentrate on sweaters, but who doesn’t love a great fall skirt? Whether it’s plaid, circle or asymmetric we hear them calling our name; allowing us to showcase our favorite pair of boots that we’ve been waiting to bust out all year long. Technically any skirt can be a fall skirt when paired with tights but what really makes it a fall skirt is the pattern, the color, or the fabric. We love the look of a short circle skirt with a tall riding boot. The juxtaposition makes you look like you are about to run into a field of leaves. Below find some of our favorite fall skirts found on Wholesale Fashion Yetts.


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(L-R Clockwise) 1/2/3/4/5/6


It’s okay to get a little Grey this season. While black is a go to color during October due to Halloween,  Grey is a color that is a bit harder to describe in how it fits into our wardrobe. I can go wearing grey all year around but it’s best suited for the cold months. The look of grey is something that gives the feel of something more modern when in comparison to the classic look that black and white outfits gives off. You can always throw on your favorite heathered sweater or grey sweater dress and still look chic while also giving the air of not trying too hard.

Above we have showcased some of our favorite fall pieces ranging from sweaters to dresses. Which one is your favorite?



I don’t know if you are anything like me but sometimes certain lipsticks inspire my outfit instead of vice-versa. There have been multiple occasions when I  buy a new lipstick and think “what can I wear with this?” it’s almost as a lip color is an extra accessory in our wardrobe. Below check out some lip service inspiration with help from a few of our favorite fall styles.



There is nothing better than a lady in red and when we spotted this Colour Pop Lippe Stick in the color “Bossy”  we knew we wanted to pair it with our Chiffon Sequined Gown. It pairs beautifully with this elegant dress for that special night out.



We are loving this Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipstick in the color “Lolita.” This color is definitely the “Kylie Jenner” lip that everyone has been talking about and here we paired it with our bohemian inspired Campfire Cardigan. This is a perfect color to compliment the simplicity of this outfit.



We went a little vampy in this one. We were loving the look of this deep cranberry Solid Chic Blouse, styled her with the hat and some casual jeans. We wanted to compliment it with a very deep red/burgundy color to add to the look. We found what we were looking for with NYX’s PURE VAMP in the color aphrodisiac.



MUST HAVE MASCARAS by wholesalefashionyetts
We are continuing our must have series this week by highlighting our favorite mascaras. People say the eyes are the windows to the soul, if this is the case just think of mascara as some really pretty curtains. We have all experienced the mascara faux pas that can happen like fall out, spider eyes, and flakes. Luckily with these mascaras you will never have to worry about those problems again.

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MUST HAVE FALL BOOTS by wholesalefashionyetts featuring our Fur Bolero
We understand that no fall outfit is complete without the perfect boots. From wedges to Uggs, there is a lot that goes in to picking the right boot counterpart for your outfit. Here we selected a few of our “Must Have” boots. Do you agree?


Did you wait last minute to try to get a costume together? No worries! It happens to the best of us. Let us show you three easy to do Halloween costumes that you can put together from things you probably already have in your closet.

SCARECROW COSTUME by wholesalefashionyetts 
This one is great because it utilizes so many fall trends that you can probably guarantee you have everything you need. A pair of old blue jeans will work with your go to fall boots; pull out your plaid flannel or you can borrow it from your boyfriend or father. Any cute floppy hat would do but straw is preferable; the rest is in the makeup! You will need a good eyeliner and bronzer to carve out all the details of this look. Some face paint to highlight the nose is also essential, if you don’t have any just use lipstick. Definitely one of the easiest last minute costume ideas.
Where's Waldo
Where’s Waldo by wholesalefashionyetts 
This one might take a bit more work trying to find the exact red and white striped tee. Waldo wears blue jeans but we thought we would make it a bit more fashionable and showcase some black ones. Your favorite brown boots will do and then any cheap thrift store readers, you might think of taking the lenses out of them so they don’t hurt your head all night. Skip the cane and satchel if you want to be comfortable but if you have them around why not add them to the pile. We cheated a little and showcased an actual “Where’s Waldo” hat to this, but really any red hat can work as long as you can attach some white tape to it.
Holly Golightly Costume
Holly Golightly Costume by wholesalefashionyetts 
This one is definitely my favorite of the three and not just because I was dressed up as this my freshman year of High School. Holly Golightly is such an iconic fashionable character that all fashionistas should dress up like her at least once in their lifetime. This look is really easy, long black dress, chunky necklace and earrings, and a small tiara. I would recommend going to Claire’s to get the cheapest version of this tiara, other then that costume jewelry from your thrift store would handle the jewelry issue. Make sure you keep your shoes to any sort of sleek pump, nothing chunky, Holly wouldn’t stand for it. As for the cigarette holder I doubt anyone has that laying around. My suggestion is to make one out of a pencil and cigarette. Just tape two pencils to a cigarette and then paint over the tape and any exposed pencil. It really is that easy. Keep your makeup light in the lips and cheeks but you can go all out in the eyes. This is definitely a fun look!


I know we keep talking about fall and even though it doesn’t seem like the weather “gods” have gotten the memo yet judging by the climate in most of North America, we hear at the Yetts offices dream of the day when Fall will kick in and we can pull out our lovely coats and layers. In the meantime check out our picks for our favorites below.




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Let Summer prints seep into your fall wardrobe with these Kaleidoscope inspired dresses.

kaleidoscope prints

Dress: # 1/2/3/4

Models are no longer just there for the sole purpose of making the clothes look good, now a days models are celebrities in their own right. They are followed around by paparazzi, we raid blogs to see their off-runway style, and we care about their makeup tips and tricks. Every year there are a new batch of “it” girl models that we need to look out for. Cara Delevigne has been the “it” girl for a couple of years now but she definitely did not slow down this year. She continues to dominate ad campaigns and Tumblr post with her style and killer eyebrows. Georgia May Jagger, Mick Jagger’s daughter, has a timeless beauty that makes her look like she came right out of a 1970’s editorial. She also knows how to work that tooth gap. Suki Waterhouse is not only a model but also an actress and singer. You might have also seen her in magazines accompanied by her famous beau Bradley Cooper. Malaika is a Kenyan born model who has been called the next “Naomi Campbell” but is definitely making a name for herself in her own right. With her flawless skin and tall stature she is perfect for runway and made multiple appearances for Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few. Last but not least is Kendall Jenners, part of one of the most famous families in the world she has really branched out this year by landing high profile ad campaigns and walking multiple runway shows in NY and Paris.




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