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That’s right, get your favorite hue out and cover your pout it’s NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAY! The great thing about lipstick is that it can easily enhance any outfit. When planning what to wear I often think “What color will look good with this?” A good lipstick is like a true and loyal friend who will never let you down or better yet never get on your TEETH! Here are a few of our favorite lipsticks that we wanted to share. We tried to include a few different colors and price ranges for all to enjoy.






Image Source: Charcoal Alley


Nothing will make you feel like taking a run through an open field more than wearing a fringe  kimono. Besides being bohemian this delectable trim can transport you to a different decade. The 70’s saw their fair share of fringe and every since then we haven’t been opposed to placing the trim on our purses, tops and even jacket sleeves. So pull out your inner Stevie Nicks tonight and try on some fringe.  Be sure to take a look at our fringe favorites below the cut.

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Packing is always difficult, especially when trying to decide what to bring in your makeup bag. You argue with yourself on what lipstick is more important and if you need all your nightly ritual items or just a few. If you are like me, you always end up packing your makeup bag to the brim and maybe it doesn’t even close at all. Well have no fear we have consolidated all your travel do’s that should be able to fit in all your necessary items without leaving you with FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Remember that unless your trip is longer than 2 weeks, you should always just strip it down to bare minimum, especially since we always end up shopping a bit on vacation. Travel sizes are the way to go, whether it’s sunblock or mascara keep it mini to make sure it’s not taking too much space.




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celeb style coolandcasual

    IMAGE SOURCES: Raymond Hall / FilmMagic, one, two, three, four 

 The secret to looking casual but chic has to bee found in the closet of Emma Stone. Famously known for her roles in the Spiderman franchise among many other movies, Emma has a style that channels Old Hollywood.  On the red carpet she can be seen wearing gorgeous gowns by “It” designers like Thakoon or “Lavin” but off the red carpet she is just as fabulous. Showing a more low key vibe in her fashion, she chooses staple pieces instead of crazy prints making her look comfortable but still fashionable. A favorite of New York City paparazzi she is hounded by them especially when she steps out with her boyfriend/co-star Andrew Garfield. Even when going out to grab a cup of coffee she looks Parisian chic and I for one would like to accomplish this look. Below we have compiled a few of “Emma essentials” to try to mimic this starlets impeccable style.



EFFORTLESS STYLE by wholesalefashionyetts featuring long shirts

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Pump it up
Pump it up by wholesalefashionyetts featuring leather shoes
What is better than a little black dress? Well a little black shoe of course. The black pump is a staple of women’s wardrobe everywhere. Each season designers try to re-invent it giving us a whole new reason to add it to our wardrobe.
Just like the little black dress, a black pump can achieve a classic look. Whether you are trying to minimize a printed dress or just trying to chic up a pair of blue jeans there is no better way to go.
Keep reading to see some of our favorite picks featured in the image above.

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Sometimes mini is the perfect size, that would be the case with the summer’s it bag. A small micro cross over has been the favorite of celebrities and socialites this season. Ideal for those girl nights out, these small bags carry the essentials while still looking cute. Gone are the days of the “carry all” Mary Kate and Ashley trend, we now love the Olivia Palermo way of the bag.  Come shop our Wholesale Fashion Yetts Micro Bag picks…



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PRETTY IN PLAID by wholesalefashionyetts featuring loose fit tops
Plaid isn’t just for punks and prep school kids, the closer it gets to fall the more we want to wrap ourselves us in this icon fabric. Whether you prefer it in flannels or printed on your dress this print can make you look comfy or festive depending on how you wear it.

The key to plaid is to not over do it. It’s always easier to integrate small pieces to accent your wardrobe. Plaid flannels and button downs are a good buy since you can pair them with jeans or a solid bottom. If you choose to go with a main plaid statement make sure to use the accessories to anchor down your look. Keep it simple the plaid will speak for itself. If you are ready to try this look here are a few plaid picks from our arsenal.

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cellphone case


If you are like the majority of us you never stray too far from your cell phone. Our phones no longer just help us communicate with others, they are also our mobile computers and our all purpose cameras. Since our phones are with us 24/7 they might as well look good too. A cell phone case can not only serve a purpose it can also be an extension of your wardrobe. Whether bedazzled or emblazoned with graphics check out a few of our favorites.

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Images Sources: Glamzelle, Chic Street Style, KmK Styling

We are in love with the asymmetric skort that is popping up everywhere. A nice alternative to a mini, this skirt short combo gives you the ease of wearing shorts with the edge of a mini. Class seems to be a big draw with this item as they seem to be able to instantly chic up any outfit. Try it with a graphic tee we dare you!

Cat Eye
Cat Eye by wholesalefashionyetts
The Cat eye, though it looks cool is a make up move that sometimes makes us want to claw out our eyes. A way to cut down on the stress for perfection is by having the proper tools in your arsenal. Whether you prefer gel, felt tip, or just a plain ol’ pencil eyeliner one thing I think we all can agree with black is preferably the way to go to achieve a true cat eye.  This look can compliment many different styles, wear it with a printed dress for a MOD feel, or just use it to spice up a tee and jeans look.  We’ve picked a few of our favorite that will help you achieve this elusive makeup trick.

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